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Discover your Leadership Quotient & gain powerful insights into your leadership styles and the performance of your business


Meet Louis Jahshan

I am Louis Jahshan founder of LEJ Leadership Couching, through my 1:1 coaching, team leadership training courses, and group mentoring, I help people like you to live your dream, become the most authentic self, and make a difference through meaningful action. Through best practise and  cutting-edge leadership coaching and mentoring I coach business leaders like you to reach their goals easily and effectively.

Whether you are looking to transform your sales and marketing results, developing your team skills, or just want to work with like-minded mentors who have the results you want to achieve, I help business leaders like yourself to create exponential success, build your dream business, and make even more of an impact on a global scale.

I trust that this is the beginning of us to know each other better, and I look forward to meet you face to face to explore and discover how we could work together in our journey.

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